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Intro post

1. Name... Dementis, or Mim would be all right.

2. Birth... January 27th.

3. First Book.... Only book, actually. Lost Souls.

4. Favorite Book... Lost Souls

5. Favorite character.... I think Ghost, or Christian. Both lovable and slightly creepy.

6. First encounter..... Found it in my dad's bathroom and stole it. I still have it, actually.

7. Rice vs Brite.... I haven't actually read Anne Rice, but I'd like to.

8. Who do I relate to..... I think Molochai and Twig. I have a very, um, sick and sadistic sense of humor. I also love chocolate. And pudding. ...and twinkies...

9. ask her a question..... What's with the Daddy issues?

10. lookin like poppy...... no

11. Mirror of a book..... no

12.Do i know anyone like them.... Kind of. I'm friends with tons of emo kids like Nothing.

13.Wishing on others things in the books.... I want to live in a black van. Just drive. Or sing, like Ghost. Or bartend.

14.What would i like to see poppy do..... PLEASE BRING CHRISTIAN BACK.

I should be posting fic in the future. Because I love this frickin' book.
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