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1. Name: Rachel (Rae)

2. Birth date: March 12

3. First Poppy Book: Exquisite Corpse

4. Favorite Poppy Book: its a tie between lost souls and drawing blood

5. Favorite Character (any works): i love all the characters but Zach from DB is probably my favorite

6. First Encounter: my friend Adam lent me his copy of exquisite corpse. up until then my two favorite authors had been, of course, King and Rice. i read this and my brain about fell out of my head. i was like, "this is the sickest, hottest shit i've ever read in my life...i want more!"

7. Compare Anne Rice and Poppy Z. Brite: Rice is good, but i cant read her now that ive discoverd poppy. i mean its like drinking tapwater, then getting your first taste of mountain spring and trying to go back on tap just doesn't cut it.

8. What character reminds you of yourself the most: none of them really remind me of myself in a physical or mental sense, but i can identify with every single one of them, how they feel, think and interact with others around them. i see a little bit of myself in all of them i guess.

9. If you could ask her any question, what would it be: What author was/is most influential to you

10. Do you look like Poppy: No. if i were that hot i wouldn't be working in a shitty little pizza parlor.

11. Has anything in your life mirrored an event in a book or story: not that i can think of

12. Do you know anyone like a character from a book or story: my friend Brian is kind of like the type of person you'd see hanging around the Yew. he's into vampires and weapons and stuff...he's evne got a Lost Souls Tavern sign on the wall in his room and he didn't even know who Poppy was until i told him. And my friend Dwayne is Kinsey. the way he's described in the book is definitely Dwayne. And my fiance would definitely be Steve.

13. Do you wish anything in a book or story would happen to you or anyone else: of course! i'd love to drive across the country in a beat up black van with five hot guys doing any drugs we could get, having all kinds of crazy bloody vampire sex. who wouldn't?!

14. What would you like to see from Poppy in the future: whatever she wants to write, i will read. i haven't read wormwood or her non horror book yet but i want to.
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